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Hospital Authority Referral arranges for imaging and computer scanning

Hospital Authority Referral is a service program provided by the Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre, accepting referrals from the Hospital Authority and public hospitals. Through this program, patients can receive cardiac examinations quickly, reducing waiting time and alleviating the burden on public hospitals. The Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre offers various imaging techniques, such as computer scanning, ultrasound, and X-ray, to provide accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment plans. This referral service program enables patients to receive timely and appropriate examinations while reducing the load on public hospitals.

With the worsening problem of an aging population in Hong Kong, there is an increasing demand for cardiovascular disease examinations and imaging services. This is especially true for the elderly who are commonly affected by heart-related conditions such as hypertension and high cholesterol, requiring regular follow-up visits. However, the burden on Hong Kong’s healthcare system has become significantly heavy, resulting in waiting times of over a year for imaging services at public hospitals. This situation has led citizens to seek alternative avenues for imaging examinations to receive immediate and appropriate medical care.

Various CT scans and other services can be conducted at the Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre

To alleviate the burden on public hospitals, Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre offers a referral service program. Through the Hospital Authority referral, patients can significantly reduce waiting time and receive timely and appropriate examinations, thereby reducing the pressure on public hospitals. In this program, the Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre provides various imaging techniques, including computer scanning, ultrasound examinations, and X-ray examinations.

The purpose of the referral service program is to improve efficiency and provide specialized cardiac diagnostic services to patients. By utilizing the resources and expertise of the Cardiac Diagnostic Centre, patients can undergo diagnostic examinations more quickly and obtain accurate and reliable results. This not only improves patient treatment outcomes but also helps optimize the utilization of resources within the healthcare system.


Radiological diagnostic imaging services

“Radiological diagnostic imaging services” are important medical examinations that help doctors diagnose conditions and develop treatment plans. In order to enhance the overall healthcare experience for patients, the Hospital Authority (HA) actively seeks collaboration opportunities with private institutions to provide nursing services for radiological diagnostic imaging services. When HA patients require radiological diagnostic imaging examinations, the HA refers the patients to relevant services provided by private institutions through the imaging referral process.

Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre is currently participating in the HA’s public-private collaboration program for “radiological diagnostic imaging services” and offers the HA referral fee scheme for all radiological diagnostic imaging cases referred by the HA. This helps alleviate the financial burden on patients. The Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre has a professional medical team equipped with advanced equipment and technology, providing comprehensive radiological diagnostic imaging services to assist patients in obtaining thorough diagnostic examinations.

Government Electronic Health Record Interoperability System (eHealth)

Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre now offers services through the Government Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS). Through the HA referral, patients can come to our center for imaging and contrast examinations. With the patient’s authorization and consent, relevant imaging reports can be uploaded to the HA’s central electronic medical record system. This not only saves the patient’s time in returning to collect reports but also allows the HA’s attending doctors to access the examination reports from the electronic medical record system at any time, assisting them in providing more effective and appropriate treatment for patients. We are committed to delivering better healthcare services, enabling patients to obtain the necessary medical diagnoses more quickly and conveniently.

We strive to provide high-quality medical services to patients and continuously improve our service level and efficiency to meet their needs and expectations. We believe that through collaboration between public and private institutions, we can better serve the community with comprehensive healthcare services.

Service of Hospital Authority Referral Program

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