About Us

About us

About Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre

Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre is located in the prime areas of Tsim Sha Tsui and Jordan, with excellent transportation links and superior geographical positioning. The center provides a spacious and comfortable environment, allowing clients to relax and feel at ease. In addition, there are dedicated areas for women and individuals to enhance the protection of clients’ personal privacy.

Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre is composed of a professional medical team that provides clients with comprehensive and high-quality cardiac examination services. These services include cardiac computed tomography scans, ultrasound scans (including echocardiograms), stress echocardiograms, static electrocardiograms, exercise electrocardiograms, 24-hour electrocardiograms, and X-ray. In addition, the center has experienced cardiologists and radiologists who tailor specific examination plans for individuals with different cardiac health concerns, aiding in the early detection of cardiac health conditions.

Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre places a strong emphasis on customer service and upholds three core values: “Understanding, Caring, and Professionalism.” We are dedicated to providing professional and high-quality medical imaging diagnostic services to the general community.


Professional Medical Team

Our services are conducted by a team of cardiologists, radiologists, and dedicated nursing staff, who fully embody the three core values of our Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre: "Understanding, Caring, and Professionalism."

Customer Privacy Protection

We have established stringent privacy policies and procedures to ensure the protection of our customers' personal health information and compliance with privacy regulations.

Multiple Examination Services

Computed Tomography Coronary Angiogram, Echocardiograms, Resting electrocardiograms, Treadmill electrocardiograms, 24-hour electrocardiograms, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, Pharmacological stress echocardiograms, Exercise stress echocardiograms