Elderly Healthcare Voucher Scheme

Elderly Healthcare Voucher Scheme

The Elderly Healthcare Voucher Scheme is in place in Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre accepts payment for medical services through the use of healthcare vouchers. If you would like to use healthcare vouchers, please inform the medical staff during the registration process.

What is a healthcare voucher?

A healthcare voucher is a program introduced by the government with the aim of subsidizing eligible elderly individuals for the payment of medical services provided by private primary care providers.

How much is the government subsidy?

Elderly individuals who are aged 65 or above and hold a valid Hong Kong identity card or an Exemption Registration Certificate issued by the Immigration Department are eligible for an annual healthcare voucher amount of HKD 2,000. The elderly can retain and accumulate unused healthcare vouchers, with a cumulative limit of HKD 8,000.

How to use healthcare vouchers?

The healthcare voucher scheme is designed to be convenient for the elderly, so there is no need for pre-registration or collection. Eligible elderly individuals can simply present their identification card to registered healthcare service providers when they require medical services and wish to use healthcare vouchers. After receiving the medical services, they will be required to sign a consent form, and then they can use the healthcare vouchers.

How to access the services of the Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre?

All eligible healthcare professionals at the Hong Kong Cardiac Diagnostic Centre have registered to participate in the Elderly Healthcare Voucher Scheme, and the centers accepts healthcare vouchers as payment.

If you have already opened a healthcare voucher account, you can check the balance of your account before seeking medical consultation.

You can log in to the healthcare voucher program website at www.hcv.gov.hk or call the healthcare voucher balance inquiry hotline at 2838 0511.

For information about the restrictions on using healthcare vouchers, please refer to the healthcare voucher program website: