About Us

Our center is located in Tsim Sha Tsui within few minutes’ walk from the TST MTR Station. It is equipped with new generation technologies and our medical team are professional and experienced. We offer comprehensive and premier quality cardiac examination services including:

-      256-Slice Computed Tomography - GE Revolution CT: Its fast rotation time makes it a perfect candidate for angiogram examinations. Revolution CT’s intelligent technology is capable to:

1) Organ Dose Modulation — Automatically modulate X-rays to reduce dose to radiation sensitive organs and anatomical areas such as the eyes and the breasts without compromising image quality. 
2) Whole organ coverage to achieve one-beat, motion-free coronary imaging at virtually any heart rate with diagnostic quality result.

-      Stress Echocardiogram: To detect ischaemic events during exercise. It is a non-invasive exam with no radiation. The accuracy is comparable to that of PET and MRI scan. This exam is not commonly available in Hong Kong for the operating cardiologists having to be trained in such area.

We provide other cardiac examination services include:

-      Electrocardiogram

-      Exercise electrocardiogram

-      Echocardiogram

-      24-hour blood pressure monitoring

-      24 hours – 2 weeks ECG monitoring

Most of the cardiac examinations and reports are directly responsible by our cardiologists.